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I-DLV : the new Intelligent Grounder of DLV

I-DLV is a full-fleged Answer Set Programming and Datalog reasoner. It supports the ASP-Core-2 standard language; nevertheless, the system supports additional linguistic extensions such as list terms and external atoms. I-DLV is also a full-fledged deductive database system, supporting query answering powered by the Magic Sets technique.

I-DLV has also been integrated as the grounding module of the completely renewed second version of the logic-based Artificial Intelligence system DLV.

I-DLV is free for academic and non-commerical educational use, as well as for use by non-profit organisations.

How to cite I-DLV

Francesco Calimeri, Davide Fuscà, Simona Perri, Jessica Zangari: I-DLV: The New Intelligent Grounder of dlv. AI*IA 2016: 192-207


Francesco Calimeri, Davide Fuscà, Simona Perri, Jessica Zangari: I-DLV: The new intelligent grounder of DLV. Intelligenza Artificiale 11(1): 5-20 (2017)


You can download the latest stable release of I-DLV in the release section of github.

Usage as ASP grounder

I-DLV can interoperate with the state-of-the-art solvers wasp and clasp. Indeed, by default I-DLV output is produced in a numeric format compliant with the mentioned solvers.

In order to interoperate with a solver type:

./idlv [filename [filename [...]]] | ./solver_executable

In order to obtain the ground program in textual format type:

./idlv --t [filename [filename [...]]]

Usage as Datalog reasoner

I-DLV can be also adopted as Datalog reasoner. Indeed, the system when fed with a disjunction-free and stratified under negation program is able to fully evaluate it and compute its perfect model.

To this end, one can type:

./idlv --t [filename [filename [...]]] 

In case a query is provided, I-DLV automatically enables the Magic Sets technique; in order to obtain only the query answers as output type:

./idlv --query [filename [filename [...]]]


For a detailed description of I-DLV capabilities please visit the official guide.

Core Team


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